Digital Illustration with Surface Pro: My Desk

Today we're going to dive into how I create a digital illustration using the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 and Clip Studio Paint Ex.

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Here is my process:

  • Using the G-Pen Brush of Clip Studio Paint I trace the outline in black on a vector layer
  • I create a new raster layer and, using the vector layer as a reference layer, I start adding flat colors.
  • I create a new raster layer for the lights and using the white I start adding them.
  • I create a new raster layer and set it as "multiply". This one is for the shadows and using a violet dark tone I start adding them.
  • I add some white elements with the G-Pen.
  • Using the Rough Wash brush I add the red color splash around the illustration
  • I add on top of all the layers the paper texture in overlay

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My Tools:
Clip Studio Paint Ex
Microsoft Surface Pro 6
Microsoft Surface Pen
HTC U Ultra

Video: making of a fashion sketch

Last week I posted the video Teaser of the new project I am working on lately: my YouTube channel. Now you can see the first 'making of' and you can discover how I start inking one of my fashion illustration. I hope that you like it and I can't wait to read your opinions and suggestions! Please comment and share this post!

La scorsa settimana ho pubblicato un post nel quale era possibile vedere il video anteprima del mio nuovo progetto, ossia la nascita del mio canale YouTube. Ora potete guardare il primo video di un 'making of', vale a dire un dietro le quinte di come realizzo uno dei miei disegni di moda. Spero che l'iniziativa vi interessi e sono curiosa di sentire le vostre opinioni e suggerimenti: quindi commentate e condividete questo post se vi è piaciuto!



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