Fashion Faces Tutorial 1: Drawing Front View Female

Today we will dive into how to draw a cool fashion head.
Although the clothes on the figure are the main element in the fashion illustration, the head can give that twist we need to make our illustration stand out.

Find below my process:

  • Begin drawing an oval.
  • Track a vertical line in the middle.
  • Now three lines horizontally:
    the eyes line
    the nose line
    the mouth line
  • Start shaping the face
  • Add ears from the nose line to the eyes line
  • Sketch the eyebrows, the bottom of the nose, the eyes and the mouth
  • Now add some glamours fashion features, thinking about makeup and the feeling you want to obtain. Is she a boss girl? A model? Think about her personality and make it alive.

Now my last, but maybe most important tip: exercise a lot and learn perfectly how to draw fashion heads with a classic style.
Once you master the basics, you will be able to find your personal style

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My Tools:
Clip Studio Paint Ex
Microsoft Surface Pro 6
Microsoft Surface Pen

Clip Studio Paint Animation: how to import a sequence of images on the timeline

Hi fashion lovers! In this video, I am going to show you how I create a simple animation importing a series of png. This is also useful if you want to use some images as a reference for your animation.

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But let´s start with this animation. First of all, we need to create a new file. On the side where is the Layer window, you can see the folder where I want to import all my images. All you have to do is to drag the images into the folder. Don´t worry: you´ll not see them immediately on the timeline.

Now, go to the timeline and rename the animation folder: I will call it Girl Animation.

Now go to the timeline and right-click on the first frame.
Select the name of the first images that you want to appear and here there is! You can see it :)
Finally, I am going to do the same for all the other images.

Delete the white background and it´s done!

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My Tools:
Clip Studio Paint Ex
Microsoft Surface Pro 6
Microsoft Surface Pen
HTC U Ultra

How to draw the Teddy Coat

Must-have of the season? With no doubt the Teddy Coat. Just a few days ago on Cosmopolitan Italia, I was reading an article about it: one of my favorite enveloping fuzzy coat to wear is the one by Bershka. You know that I have a passion for pink, right?

In the video, you can see how I create the coat in Manuela´s style, with the addition of a maxi-scarf (in Berlin we don't mess with the cold!). As always, you will find a list of the tools I use at the end of this post and, below, the description step-by-step:

  • After creating a rough sketch with the pencil tool I want to start with the coat.

In the past, sometimes I found my illustration out of topic.
I found myself starting with an initial idea (a peace to wear since we are talking about fashion illustration) and I ended up putting the main focus on some other aspects of the drawing (like, for instance, the model, the hair, etc).
I learned that in order to avoid a lack of focus it is always a good idea to start drawing and coloring what should be the main subject!

  • Using the Fluff Fur Brush I start adding color to the coat.
    The brush has not full coverage so, I make more than one brushstroke where I need more color density.
  • Using the G-Pen Brush of Clip Studio Paint I trace the outline of the scarf in black on a vector layer
  • I create a new raster layer and, using the scarf vector layer as a reference layer, I fill it with black.
  • I create a new raster layer for the lights and using the white I start adding them.
  • Now I focus on the face and I start inking with the G-Pen on the vector layer.
  • Then, I start with the flat colors on the lips, the eyes and the hair and I add shadows and lights.
  • Using the black G-Pen I add some rebel hair around her face. As I already mentioned in my previous posts, I love this moment because the face gets an ultra-feminine and sexy look
  • Using the Droplet brush I add ink spots in the background
  • To make it shine, I also use the Sparkle A and Sparkle B brushes on the coat
  • Using the "correct line" tool I increase the size of the outlines where I feel that the figure needs more strength
  • I create a new raster layer and set it as "multiply". This one is for the shadows and using a dark red I start adding them.
  • I add more lines to the vector layer for the fur. I want them to be really free, this is why I put the brush stabilizer to 0.
  • Since I am not satisfied with the eyes I start over again. The same process as I used earlier using the dense watercolor brush, flat color, shadows, and lights. I use the same brush to add some blush and eyeshadow.
  • Final step: some shadows to the face using the violet.

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My Tools:
Clip Studio Paint Ex
Microsoft Surface Pro 6
Microsoft Surface Pen
HTC U Ultra

How to create a digital Beauty Illustration: MAC Kiss of Stars Lipstick

Today we're going to dive into how I create a beauty illustration using the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 and Clip Studio Paint Ex.

Many of you ask me about my creative process and I thought that it could be useful to add a written step-by-step- guide to this video here on my Blog. So don´t forget to sign up for the newsletter (on the right side of this article) to do not miss anything!

Here is my process:

  • Look for reference images. In this case, I already knew that I wanted to illustrate the MAC Kiss of Stars Lipstick so I just had to find a really clear image of it.
  • Using the G-Pen Brush of Clip Studio Paint I trace the outline in black on a vector layer
  • I create a new raster layer and, using the vector layer as a reference layer, I start adding flat colors.
  • I create a new raster layer for the lights and using the white I start adding them.
  • I create a new raster layer and set it as "multiply". This one is for the shadows and using a violet dark tone I start adding them.
  • I create the stars using the Star brush. Locking the transparent pixel, I color the stars. I add some details with the G-Pen.
  • On a new layer, I add some sparkles with the Glitter Circle Cross brush.
  • Using the Bloodstain brush I add the black color splash on the background

Et voilà. The illustration is done!

If you enjoy this post, please be sure to take a screenshot and share it out on Instagram and tag me – @manuela_desimone and I’ll be sure to share it on my Instagram Stories as well.

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My Tools:
Clip Studio Paint Ex
Microsoft Surface Pro 6
Microsoft Surface Pen
HTC U Ultra

M.A.C. Kiss of Stars Lipstick Limited Edition

Life is Sweet

Life is Sweet is the first illustration of 2019 and of a new series based on.... sweets!

I started to work on it more than one month ago and I re-started from the very beginning three times! The fact is that I am working a lot on improving the style to make it more "me" but the problem is that I am a woman of a thousand shades so it is hard to find the right one, even for me! 

Soon available for purchase in the Shop


Life is Sweet è la prima illustrazione del 2019 e di una nuova serie basata su.... i dolci!

Ho iniziato a lavorarci più di un mese e mezzo fa e l'ho dall'inizio ricominciata per ben tre volte! Il fatto è che sto lavorando molto per migliorare lo stile al fine di renderlo più "mio": il problema è che sono una donna dalle mille sfumature, quindi alcune volte è complicato trovare quella giusta, anche per me!

Presto disponibile per l'acquisto nello Shop


Gadgets by Manuela De Simone on RedBubble



Today is a date to mark on the calendar: my RedBubble shop is officially open!Read more

Process video: Aria in Sophia

*post in italiano dopo quello inglese

As I promised you in the latest post, here's the process video of my fashion illustration 'Aria in Sophia' for the newest Gotcha!ry project.

It took me many hours of work, my beloved Cintiq 13 HD, Clip Studio Paint Pro and liters and liters of green tea :)

I recommend the view in HD; I'm trying to improve the quality of the video, especially the point of view.
I'm experimenting with different approaches, and I can tell you that there will be an impressive improvement from the next one.

I have already started the second illustration for this new series: I am full of ideas and enthusiasm, but above all, I want to continue creating and growing the Gotcha!ry world

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Also, at the end of this post, you can find a preview of the illustration I am working on right now: of course, it's still a work in progress ;)

Come vi avevo promesso nel post precedente, ecco il video che mostra parte del processo di realizzazione della mia ultima illustrazione 'Aria in Sophia' per il mio nuovo progetto Gotcha!ry.

Per realizzarla ci sono volute molte ore di lavoro, la mia adorata Cintiq 13 HD, Clip Studio Paint Pro e litri e litri di tè verde :)

Consigliandovi la visione in HD, vi anticipo che sto cercando di migliorare la qualità dei video, sopratutto per quanto riguarda l'inquadratura.
Sto sperimentando diversi approcci e già dal prossimo video vi prometto un'immagine più chiara.

Infatti, ho già iniziato la seconda illustrazione di questa nuova serie: sono piena di idee e di entusiasmo ma, sopratutto, di continuare a creare e far crescere il mondo di Gotcha!ry

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Vi lascio con un'anteprima dell'illustrazione sulla quale sto lavorando in questi giorni: ovviamente, è ancora un work in progress ;)

The making of “Joy”

*post in italiano dopo quello inglese

As I promised you in my recent post about "Joy", I made a video featuring part of the making process of my latest Gotcha! Girl.

It took me many hours to complete her in Clip Studio Paint Pro alongside with my inseparable Wacom Cintiq.Read more

Quick fashion portrait video of Lily Jane Collins

 *post in italiano dopo quello inglese


My job as a portrait photographer is to seduce, amuse and entertain. Helmut Newton


The quote by Helmut Newton popped out naturally as I wrote the post dedicated to the MET Gala 2017.
Speaking of amusement and entertainment, after showing you the illustration inspired by the model and actress Lily Jane Collins, today I want to share with you a quick process video of me drawing her portrait.

In the video, I test with great pleasure my latest purchases from last week:

  • Koh-I-Noor Mephisto Mechanical Pencils 0.3 mm: I like it because the feel and balance are perfect and the quality seems really good.
  • Pitt Artist Pastel Pencil Black: the colour is strong and it is great for details

Definitely approved!


Il mio lavoro come fotografo ritrattista è quello di sedurre, divertire e intrattenere.

Helmut Newton


La citazione di Helmut Newton è scaturita in maniera del tutto naturale mentre scrivevo il post dedicato al MET Gala 2017.
E, a proposito di intrattenimento e divertimento, dopo avervi mostrato l'illustrazione ispirata alla modella e attrice Lily Jane Collins, oggi voglio condividere con voi un breve video realizzato mentre disegno un suo nuovo ritratto.

Nel filmato, testo con molto piacere i miei ultimi acquisti della scorsa settimana:

  • Koh-I-Noor Mephisto Mechanical Pencils 0.3 mm: questa matita meccanica mi piace perché equilibrio e manegevolezza sono perfetti e la qualità sembra veramente buona
  • Pitt Artist Pastel Pencil Black: colore intenso, matita ottima per i dettagli



The MET Gala 2017

All I want is draw.

And, since any occasion is good to find inspiration, is that time of the year for the post dedicated to the MET Gala.

The theme was Rei Kawakubo / Comme des Garçons : Art of the In-Between and my Muse for this 2017  is the beautiful Lily Jane Collins (wearing Giambattista Valli) and the illustration that you can find on top of this post is inspired by her.

MET Gala is an event where you can find the most beautiful, elegant and controversial look. On one hand, I am attracted to those kinds of events, but this leads to the restless reflection on it... all this beauty, flair and creativity, are accompanied by vanities and excesses.

Is this only a thought of mine? Or these characteristics are essential one another?

Who knows...

Anyway... Find below my favourite looks! XO

*All photos by Vogue

Tutto quello che voglio è disegnare.

E, siccome, ogni occasione è buona per trovare la giusta ispirazione, è il momento del post annuale dedicato al MET Gala.

Il tema era Rei Kawakubo / Comme des Garçons : Art of the In-Between e la mia Musa, per questo 2017, è la meravigliosa Lily Jane Collins (abito di Giambattista Valli) e l'illustrazione che trovate all'inizio di questo post è proprio ispirata a lei.

Il MET Gala è un evento dove si raccolgono i look più belli, eleganti e controversi.

Da un lato sono stimolata e attratta da questo tipo di manifestazioni, ma, allo stesso tempo, nasce in me una riflessione... a tanta bellezza, estro e creatività , si accompagnano vanità ed eccessi.

La penso così solo io? O, forse, sono caratteristiche imprescindibili l'una dall'altra?


A seguire, una carrellata dei look che ho apprezzato di più. XO.

Tutte le foto da Vogue

Hailey Baldwin wore a tiered Carolina Herrera look.
Selena Gomez wore a gown by Coach, teamed with Tiffany & Co. jewellery.
Evan Rachel Wood Evan is wearing a custom Altuzarra embroidered dress with high waisted tuxedo pant, embroidered pumps, and clutch. She accessorized with Fred Leighton jewelry.
Cara Delevingne in a silver Chanel suit
Celine Dion arrived in a Atelier Versace gown and Bulgari jewellery.
Hailee Steinfeld wore Vera Wang
Bee Shaffer in Alexander McQueen
Priyanka Chopra wore a Ralph Lauren Collection custom trench coat evening gown.
Daisy Ridley wears an Oscar de la Renta gown
Lily Collins wore a gown by Giambattista Valli with Tiffany & Co. jewellery
Lily Aldridge, wearing a white Ralph Lauren gown with red Balenciaga boots and Bulgari jewellery.
Karlie Kloss

Helena is wearing roses by Valentino Couture Spring 2017

I dream. Sometimes I think that's the only right thing to do.
― Haruki Murakami, Sputnik Sweetheart

I'm back!

I am starting to experience day-to-day life in Berlin between new friends, discoveries and inspirations.

She is Helena, born from the roman creativity but refreshed by the one from Berlin (literally, since the temperature is freezing here!).

For her, I was inspired by the magical and dreamy collection of the new artistic director Pierpaolo Piccioli for the eternal Valentino Couture.


Like me.

Living in this city is filling me with light, enthusiasm and the desire to create.

And thankfully, it's not just a dream.

Io sogno. A volte penso che sia l'unica cosa giusta da fare.

― Haruki Murakami, La ragazza dello Sputnik.

Sono tornata!

Mi sto letteralmente immergendo nella vita berlinese tra nuovi incontri, scoperte e ispirazioni.

Lei è Helena, nata dalla creatività romana ma rinfrescata dall'aria di Berlino (in tutti i sensi, visto le temperature sotto lo zero!).

Per lei, mi sono ispirata alla magica e sognante collezione del nuovo direttore artistico Pierpaolo Piccioli per l'eterno Valentino.


Come me.

Vivere in questa città mi sta riempiendo di luce, entusiasmo e voglia di fare.

E per fortuna, non è solo un sogno.


Illustrations from the book Mansfield Park by Jane Austen



Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.
Helen Keller

January, 12th.
With the holidays behind, it's time to get back to work.
In the way I like it most: totally efficiently and enthusiastic about everything which is new.

In this very first post of 2017, I am proud to show you the illustrations I've done for The Book Illustration Competition which is a unique partnership between House of Illustration and The Folio Society.

The topic is Mansfield Park, that is the always ongoing conflict between appearance and passion.
The competition gave me the chance to read this book, written by one of my favorite authors, Jane Austen.
Quickly, I become interested in Fanny's (the main character) drama, as well as in the beautiful and sparkling Mary Crawford.
Both of them in love with the same man, I've represented them in their essence: Fanny in her excessive moral rigor, with the amber cross, a gift from her beloved brother, held tightly in the hand, and Mary, the passionate, which through the melody of the harp fascinates the contended Edmund.

To complete the picture, my personal representation of Mansfield Park.

What else... remains to wait for the results of the competition... fingers crossed!

Molte persone hanno un’idea sbagliata di ciò che porta alla vera felicità. Essa non si raggiunge attraverso il piacere personale, ma attraverso la fedeltà a un proposito degno.
Helen Keller

12 di Gennaio.
Festività alle spalle, è il momento di tornare a lavoro.
Come piace a me: a pieno ritmo e con l'entusiasmo di scoprire sempre cose nuove.

In questo primo post del 2017, sono veramente orgogliosa di presentarvi le illustrazioni che ho realizzato per il concorso The Book Illustration Competition, indetto in collaborazione tra The Folio Society e House of Illustration.

Il tema è Mansfield Park, ovvero il continuo conflitto tra apparenza e passione.
Il concorso mi ha dato l'occasione di leggere questo romanzo, scritto da una delle mie autrici preferite, Jane Austen.
Mi sono subito appassionata ai drammi della protagonista, Fanny Price, nonché della bella e spumeggiante Mary Crawford.
Entrambe innamorate dello stesso uomo, le ho rappresentate nella loro essenza: Fanny nel suo eccessivo rigore morale, intenta a pregare con la croce regalata dall'amato fratello, e Mary,la passionale, che attraverso il suono dell'arpa affascina il conteso Edmund.
A completare il tutto, una mia personale rappresentazione di Mansfield Park.

Che dire...non rimane altro che aspettare l'esito del concorso... dita incrociate per me! Read more

A flower named Victoria

Fashion Illustration Victoria

*Post in italiano dopo quello in inglese

If 2016 has been the year of rebirth, 2017 will be the one of revolution!

As I wrote many times over the past few months, it is a time of unprecedented change.Read more

Fashion Illustration: Estelle

Fashion Illustration Estelle

It is with great joy and excitement that I show you the fourth illustration from the Gotcha! series: Estelle.Read more

Fashion Illustration and Glamour Portraits

Fashion Portrait

A while ago I wrote a post about the "Portrait Journal" and on how Inktober brought me at this new project.
You won't believe it, but what started as a simple style exercise has evolved into an important activity which I cannot abandon!Read more