Fashion Faces Tutorial 1: Drawing Front View Female

Today we will dive into how to draw a cool fashion head.
Although the clothes on the figure are the main element in the fashion illustration, the head can give that twist we need to make our illustration stand out.

Find below my process:

  • Begin drawing an oval.
  • Track a vertical line in the middle.
  • Now three lines horizontally:
    the eyes line
    the nose line
    the mouth line
  • Start shaping the face
  • Add ears from the nose line to the eyes line
  • Sketch the eyebrows, the bottom of the nose, the eyes and the mouth
  • Now add some glamours fashion features, thinking about makeup and the feeling you want to obtain. Is she a boss girl? A model? Think about her personality and make it alive.

Now my last, but maybe most important tip: exercise a lot and learn perfectly how to draw fashion heads with a classic style.
Once you master the basics, you will be able to find your personal style

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