The idea of this illustration was born from a call to action published on the Instagram profile of the Brand itself: illustrators, designers, fashion lovers, and creatives were invited to create a fashion illustration featuring the Couture Bridal collection.

I intended to create not only an ethereal and dreamy atmosphere but also to tell a story.
It is possible to do this by adding just a few details like the flowers in the background, a particular position of the hand and a particular expression of the bride.

The planning phase is fundamental in the creation process, as well as the indispensable basis for the clarity of the message and the harmony of the composition.

First, I make the drawing on an A4 paper sheet with a micro-pencil HB.
Then, I scan and import it in Clip Studio Paint: I adjust brightness and contrast to create marked and defined lines. I clean it up with the digital erase and I start painting with my inseparable Wacom Cintiq 13 HD.

The video below shows this second phase of the realization: digital painting.