I have decided to create a new world in which my “Gotcha!” Girls live; a sort of Factory through which I show visually my personal ABC’s of fashion as well as a style Dictionary with a particular focus on detail.

Here is the magic formula!
Gotcha! + Factory + Dictionary = Gotcha!ry

I am very proud to introduce you Gotcha!ry, a project that is born with the aim of making us live in the Gotcha world!
The star of this first illustration is Aria, surrounded by the colorful accessories designed by Sophia Webster.

The primary focus of my illustrations has always been the female figure decontextualized from the environment.
Adding accessories into a mix of portrait and still-life brought my work towards a new and unexplored artistic direction.

It took me many hours of work, my beloved Cintiq 13 HD, Clip Studio Paint Pro and liters and liters of green tea 🙂

Here’s the process video of the illustration

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