Fashion illustration with Surface Pro: Pierpaolo Piccioli Haute Couture

In today´s post, you´ll discover how I create a fashion illustration using the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 and Clip Studio Paint Ex.

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Here is my process:

  • Using the G-Pen Brush of Clip Studio Paint I trace the outline in black on a vector layer
  • I create a new raster layer and, using the vector layer as a reference layer, I start adding flat colors.
  • I create a new raster layer and set it as “multiply”. This one is for the shadows and using a dark red I start adding them.
  • Using the Spray brush first and the Droplet than (in white) I add the glitter effect to the dress.
  • To make it shine, I also use the Sparkle A and Sparkle B brushes
  • I create a new raster layer for the lights and using the white I start adding them.
  • I add some shadow also to the gloves using a magenta color.
  • Now I focus on the face and I start coloring the eyes. I want them to be hazel/gold. I start with the flat color and I start adding shadows with a dark brown and lights with a light yellow (almost white)
  • I use the same process for the lips but using a dark red for the shadows and white for the lights
  • Using the black G-Pen I add some rebel hair around her face. I love this moment because the face gets an ultra-feminine and sexy look
  • Using the “correct line” tool I increase the size of the outlines where I feel that the figure needs more strength
  • Using the Droplet brush I add ink spots in the background
  • Using the Rough Wash brush I add the red color splash on her cheeks and then I use the blending brush to smooth them
  • Last touch: some shadows on her eyelids for an intense look!

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My Tools:
Clip Studio Paint Ex
Microsoft Surface Pro 6
Microsoft Surface Pen
HTC U Ultra