Clip Studio Paint Animation: how to import a sequence of images on the timeline

Hi fashion lovers! In this video, I am going to show you how I create a simple animation importing a series of png. This is also useful if you want to use some images as a reference for your animation.

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But let´s start with this animation. First of all, we need to create a new file. On the side where is the Layer window, you can see the folder where I want to import all my images. All you have to do is to drag the images into the folder. Don´t worry: you´ll not see them immediately on the timeline.

Now, go to the timeline and rename the animation folder: I will call it Girl Animation.

Now go to the timeline and right-click on the first frame.
Select the name of the first images that you want to appear and here there is! You can see it 🙂
Finally, I am going to do the same for all the other images.

Delete the white background and it´s done!

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